Our Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


“The New Mexico Primary Care Training Consortium improves the quality of essential health services by supporting existing and developing new training opportunities to increase primary care workforce in New Mexico.”  Adopted Nov. 2014.



For New Mexico to be an innovative leader in training family medicine physicians and other primary care providers working in the most underserved populations in high quality, integrated primary care health systems.



Our Values: Health Equity has as its core a patient informed, high quality, integrated primary care system based on the following values:

  • Community Ownership
  • Education Program Empowerment
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Multi-sector Inclusion



I. Create a hub and spoke model for residents to complete rotations in several counties, enabling rural rotation relationships to be developed in every county statewide.

II. Support training, recruitment and retention of Primary Care Physicians in New Mexico.

III. Develop strong partnerships with the University of New Mexico (UNM) and regional medical schools to recruit residents familiar with New Mexico and the southwest into training programs.

IV. Assist with the development of new residency programs and rotations.

V. Expand rotations into other Primary Care Specialties (i.e., Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Dentistry).

VI. Improve communication between family medicine residency programs.