Spring 2016 Newsletter


The New Mexico Primary Care Training Consortium embodies good health in its student recruitment collaboration and focus on health equity and access. It is rare to be involved with so many like-minded people, volunteering their time to improve training quality and expanded family medicine experiences around the state. Family Medicine residency program directors and other primary care leaders have such a profound sense of social responsibility and the collegiality necessary to build valuable services and systems. We are looking forward to participating in the American Academy of Family Physician (AAFP) National recruitment fair in Kansas City, MO, the NM Academy of Family Physicians 59th Annual Family Medicine Seminar in Taos, NM, and other local and regional outreach efforts to attract people into our programs. So far, integrating recruitment efforts has had an incredibly positive impact of our programs and meeting interested, enthusiast students is one of the things we enjoy most as staff of the Consortium.


  • Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Annual Spring Conference: April 30-May 4 in Minneapolis, MN. Click here.
  • NW Regional Primary Care Conference and Annual Meeting: May 14-17 in Anchorage, AK. Click here.
  • NM Health Resources Fair 24th Annual Provider Retreat: June 17-18 in Taos, NM. Click here.
  • NM Primary Care Association Annual Conference and Meeting: June 23-24 in Isleta Pueblo, NM. Click here.
  • NM Academy of Family Physicians 59th Annual Family Medicine Seminar: July 28-31 in Taos, NM. Click here.
  • American Academy of Family Physicians National Conference/Recruitment Fair: July 28-30 in Kansas City, MO. Click here.


Hidalgo Medical Services Family Medicine Residency, Silver City

The Hidalgo Medical Services Family Medicine Residency Program has wrapped up another great recruitment season! This year, the program received nearly triple the amount of applications than it did last year and interviewed many great applicants throughout the season. Through the participation in the National Resident Match Program (NRMP), HMS FMRP is proud to announce its incoming PGY1 residents Mario Campos and Susan Bauer (Class of 2019).

Mario Campos, PGY1 Resident

Mario Campos, PGY1 Resident

Susan Bauer, PGY1 Resident

Susan Bauer, PGY1 Resident


“I want to work in underserved rural locations across our state providing care to the underserved. When I was accepted into the UNM combined BA/MD program I was committed to underserved populations. I remain dedicated to the goal of the program to this day and feel it is my duty to practice in one of these communities. There is a significant need for healthcare in these areas and I will be part of the solution.” Mr. Campos, a New Mexico native, is currently finishing up his medical education at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, NM, as a BA/MD student. Mario is from Santa Rosa, NM, and intends to continue practicing in the state as a rural family physician.


“I’m a nontraditional student, with a previous career in biotechnology, as well as having been an EMT with the national ski patrol. I’m interested in rural medicine and loved the Silver City program because of the location, faculty & rural training program. I can’t wait to get to Silver City and join the community!” Susan Bauer is currently finishing up her medical education at the Rocky Vista School of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, CO. In the future, Susan would like to practice in an outpatient setting, in a rural area with a varied patient population.


Both Mario and Susan are set to graduate in May of 2016 and will begin their residency training with HMS FMRP in July. Their first year of training will take place at Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico, giving them a year of inpatient based experience in an urban area. They will return to Silver City for their second and third years of training to gain experience in outpatient based training in a rural setting. Decentralizing resident education adds value to the education experience by ensuring that each resident has more community-relevant experiences and training that models the generalist-specialist relationship and provides a full-spectrum of family medicine training. HMS FMRP welcomes Mario and Susan and looks forward to their arrival in July!


Northern New Mexico Family Medicine Residency, Santa Fe


Karen Armitage, MD, FAAP

As health care providers, we face life-and-death situations with patients from time to time, but even if we face them daily, our impact will be just a few thousand “saves” in our career. What if we could save a hundred thousand lives? A half-million lives? Would that be worth a few hours of our time, a couple of times a year?
We believe that every health care provider should be trained to lead and advocate in both the legislative and public health settings, because health law and health policy are the “medicine” for population health. Every Northern New Mexico Family Medicine Residency resident spends a month at the New Mexico Legislature and on the front line of the public health system during the “Legislative Action and Public Health Rotation”. In these real-world settings, residents work directly with legislators, lobbyists, and stakeholders and learn a new set of skills:
Communicating in brief, clear, cited messages.
Setting professional and ethical boundaries in a political setting.
Analyzing legislation and testifying in committee hearings.
Building relationships with key decision-makers and frontline public health workers to support an ongoing role in shaping health law and policy.
There is no more powerful role for health care providers than being able to address our most pressing health challenges at both the individual and population level, using evidence-based clinical interventions, health law and health policy. For more information about this model, visit: http://www.aptrweb.org/educationforhealth/successfulpractices.html

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.21.17 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.21.22 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.21.28 PM

From left to right: Elisa Gutierrez, MD; Karen Armitage, MD (preceptor – legislative health policy/population health rotation); Kristy Riniker, MD; Thomas Betjeman, MD.

Southern New Mexico Family Medicine Residency, Las Cruces

The MATCH season has concluded! We are pleased to announce that we successfully matched six Family Medicine Interns to join us this July 2016.

Our Class of 2019: Hugo Rivas (Texas Tech), Adel Kadous (Tanta University), Diana Escobedo (Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez), Francisco Vargas (Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez), Amit Gupta (American University of Antigua), and Taiwo Adedipe (University of Lagos).

We are also excited to be welcoming Susan Bauer (Rocky Vista University) and Mario Campus (UNM) to our program on July 1, 2016 where they will be spending their first year with us. . The SNMFMRP is now the first year site for the Hidalgo Family Medicine Residency Program (HMS) based in Silver City, New Mexico. We are looking forward to our first official year of partnership with HMS.

With the increasing size of our program, we are in the process of actively recruiting new qualified physicians to join our faculty. We are also excited to announce that the residents recently elected two co-chiefs instead of a chief and assistant-chief. Our co-chief residents for this upcoming year will be Dr. Minerva Medrano-Ramirez and Dr. April A. Leonardo.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.41.09 PMFinally, we are very pleased and excited to announce that Dr. Dolores Gomez, faculty with our residency program, has accepted the Chief Medical Officer position. Dr. Gomez is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has been at Memorial since January 2009. She is Past President of the MMC medical staff, past Board Chair and Past President of the New Mexico Academy of Family Physicians, and currently serves on their board. Dr. Gomez is visionary in her understanding of the future of healthcare, and a catalyst for very positive change. She is a high-energy provider with intimate knowledge of the local medical community and an unwavering dedication to quality, safe healthcare. Memorial is thrilled to have a doctor of her caliber and qualities as our Chief Medical Officer. We are pleased that she will remain involved on our faculty at the Family Medicine Residency Center.

We would like to introduce our Class of 2019.
They will start their program in June.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.49.53 PM

University of New Mexico Family Medicine Residency, Albuquerque

In February, our UNM Family Medicine interns rotated through the “Population Health and Scholarship” curriculum that weaves together many of our department’s missions and programs. During this month, the Interns enjoyed residency retreat in Taos. They had a great time bonding and making great memories.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.32.28 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.32.36 AM

The New Mexico Academy Family Physicians (NMAFP) Winter Refresher was a resounding success, and the energy of the residents (and students) who participated played a major part. Our residents do amazing things, and it is great to be able to share that with the state and the regional Family Medicine community. A big thanks to Will Kaufman and Alex Rankin who helped oversee and organize the event.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.34.18 AM

We would like to introduce our 2016-2017 UNM Family Medicine Intern Class.
They will start the program in June.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.36.26 AM

Updates from the NMPCTC Program Manager, Lori Ann Loera

lori-annThe Consortium has been busy these past few months working with its four-member primary care residency programs in New Mexico. Each program holds its own unique qualities, yet together, they form the Consortium. As a Consortium member, each program learns best practices from one another to ensure higher quality so more healthcare services are accessible to patients and families. The Consortium strives to ensure families in rural and frontier New Mexico also receive high-quality healthcare without having to travel hundreds of miles to visit a family physician. For that reason, it is our priority to continue developing residency programs, and residency rotations, in the most rural and frontier areas of our state. Most residents who have worked in our small towns of our state take pride in the personal relationships they have developed with their patients and community, and the unique opportunities it has provided to their learning experience by developing them into a well-rounded family medicine physician.

To learn more about our four family medicine residency programs, we encourage you to visit our website at www.New MexicoResidencies.org. You can view the curriculum for each program to help you find your best fit. Additionally, please visit our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/NMPCTC where you can stay abreast of upcoming events in New Mexico related to primary care training, policy, and public health. We look forward to helping you in your journey of becoming a family medicine physician!

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