HMS Residency Program March 2015 Newsletter

Where Our Residents Have Been!

Family Medicine Inpatient Service at MMC

Dr. Sumulong, M.D

PGY3 Resident Physician

Working in the trenches of the
family medicine inpatient
service at Memorial Medical
Center in Las Cruces for the past
month, I served as one of two
senior residents overseeing care
for critically ill patients. In
partnership with the Las Cruces
family medicine residency
program, I also provided weekend coverage for multiple inpatient
services including inpatient pediatrics as well as labor and
delivery. Overall, I emerged more confident in my ability to care for
patients in the inpatient setting. Thank you so much for a great
learning opportunity Las Cruces! – Cid


Emergency Department, Pulmonology,

Dr. Cluff, M.D

PGY3 Resident Physician

I had a great month in the emergency room, on pulmonary/SCU with
Dr. Stinar, and with the radiology department at Gila Regional
Medical Center. These rotations have been helpful as I try to increase
my critical care skills and quickly care for patients. I appreciate all
those that participate in my education. – Ben


Pediatric Inpatient Service at UNM

Dr. Schumacher,

PGY2 Resident Physician

The month of February was spent at the Children’s Hospital at UNM
in Albuquerque. Children from all over the state came with their
parents with hope for relief from pain or a cure for their illness. It
was a very busy season for respiratory infections. It was the busiest
season in the last 15 years for the Children’s Hospital. There were
days that the hospital rooms were full to over 100% capacity.
Newborn babies with pneumonia, small children living with the
 consequences of complete bowel resections, accidental and non-accidental trauma, and even bulimia nervosa.
The days were long and the work was sometimes complex, but it was a month full of learning and new
experiences. The faculty and residents in the UNM Pediatrics department deserve a huge round of applause
for their willingness to take in an outsider for the entire month and for their excellent teaching of the systems,
programs and medicine of inpatient pediatrics. – Alan



Dr. Seltzer, M.D.

PGY2 Resident Physician

I had a fantastic February! I got to rotate with Dr. Twana Sparks, who has been a very invested and attentive
professor. I also got the opportunity to be “Doc of the Day” at the state legislature in Santa Fe, along with Dr.
Diaz-Rios, and another faculty/resident pair from the family medicine residency program in Las Cruces, to
meet our state legislators, Representative Hamilton (who also sits on the HMS Board), and Senator Morales
(who also works with Gila Regional Medical Center). And a big thank you to my patients, a.k.a. the ones who
look to me as their primary care provider (PCP): different aspects of clinical care are rewarding in different
ways, and being a part of your health team, over time, as you navigate through your own vulnerable health
issues, is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do every day. Thank you for honoring me with your
trust. – Rachel


Family Medicine Wards

Dr. Ramirez, M.D

PGY 1 Resident Physician

In Training at UNM
Family Medicine Wards was very exciting! It was like coming back home from a long journey through all of
the specialties. I enjoyed my self-thinking of plans and better ways to serve our patients. It does get better! It is
true! There is still a lot to learn and read about patients, but more importantly, building relationships with the
patients and staff made this rotation more meaningful this time around. I was also part of the inter retreat in
Taos. It was a great experience and it was wonderful spending time bonding with everybody without the
pressure of work. – Magda