Northern New Mexico Family Medicine Residency, Santa Fe

2014 has been an exciting year for the NNMFMRP with the addition of new staff and faculty. Chris Jameson joined the program in May, having most recently served as the residency coordinator with the SNMFMRP. Chris assumed the residency position following Deb Weiss’ departure work as a consultant to NMPCTC. Dr. Raya Chyorny joined the program as Associate Director having most recently served as faculty with La Familia Medical Center. Dr. Melissa Rosen from La Familia assumed the faculty position vacated by Dr. Chyorny. Lia Billington, PhD joined the program as behavioral health faculty. Lia also came to the NNMFMRP having previously served as behavioral health faculty with the SNMFMRP.

With the new ACGME milestones reporting requirement, we have been evaluating all of our residents to ensure that they are progressing according to the milestones.

As of mid-January, we have received nearly 800 applications and will have interviewed 51 applicants for the 4 residency positions in our program. We have had a very impressive applicant pool from all over the US as well as a few foreign medical schools.

Our CHRITUS St. Vincent Family Medicine Center (FMC), the “residency” clinic, continues to grow while serving the needs of our community. The FMC is working toward the designation of becoming a PCMH and focuses on integrated behavioral health services as well as full spectrum care including pediatrics and prenatal care. We are also providing Transition of Care visits for our hospitalized patients. In October, the FMC also provided 470 free flu shots to the community. As a residency, we are continuing to strengthen our relationships with La Familia, IHS, our CSV providers in addition to many others in the community.

And lastly, Great news–all 3 of our current third year residents will be staying in NM after graduation in June!!