Hidalgo Medical Services Family Medicine Residency, Silver City

In June of 2014, the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation awarded grant monies to 16 different family medicine residency programs to increase vaccination rates in the 65+ population with the specific goal of increasing rates of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination. The HMS Family Medicine Residency Program was one of them! Their project is named in memory of a community member who passed as a result of complications related to H1N1 Influenza during the 2013-2014 flu season.

The HMS Family Medicine residents and faculty are implementing quality improvement measures to increase awareness amongst providers as well as the community on the importance of flu and pneumococcal vaccination and decreasing barriers to getting those vaccines.

Part of this work includes disseminating surveys throughout the area clinics to gain information from patients regarding barriers to getting vaccinations. This data can be shared with city and county government officials, community health councils and non-profit organizations that serve seniors in the region as well as used to inform future vaccination outreach efforts. This will demonstrate the need for future funding opportunities that will increase the quality of life for seniors. HMS residents and faculty will be holding two FREE immunization clinics in Lordsburg, NM and Tyrone, NM.